I was elected to be the Mayor of Montpelier in 2018, and now I’m running for re-election!

I teach physics, engineering, and personal finance at Montpelier High School, where I have taught for the past fifteen years. I’m a 2004 Senior Knowles Teaching Initiative Fellow and a 2015 Rowland Fellow. I coached ultimate at Montpelier High School for nine years and won three boys division state championships. I was a part of the Vermont Youth Ultimate League that helped ultimate become recognized in Vermont as a state-wide varsity sanctioned sport, making Vermont the first state in the country to do so.  

I was originally appointed to the council back in 2012 to fill a vacancy. I won three city council races after that to keep my seat, representing District 2.

When I first campaigned for mayor, I said that my priorities would be financial sustainability, environmental sustainability, and housing. Here’s what we did to achieve those goals. 

  • We divested the City’s larger investment portfolio accounts so that we are no longer supporting the fossil fuel industry.  
  • We made sure that all construction workers on large city-projects are paid a fair wage and receive the benefits they deserve by adopting a precedent-setting Responsible Employer Ordinance. 
  • We created the Social and Economic Justice Committee and the Homelessness Task Force which helped enable the warming shelter at Bethany Church to open early. 
  • We finally finished the shared use path extension and the Transit Center and Housing at Taylor Street. It will provide 30 permanently affordable apartments in Montpelier, and once GMTA moves in, people will be welcomed into Montpelier on public transportation with a beautiful modern building, that is heated without the use of fossil fuels. 
  • We passed a charter amendment to ban plastic bags in Montpelier, which pushed the State legislature to adopt the most comprehensive plastics ban in the country. 

I say “we” in all of these statements, though, because it really did take a team of people working together. I was proud to support Councilor Conor Casey’s work on the Responsible Employer Ordinance. I was proud to help continue the work of previous councils in the completion of the Transit Center. None of this would have been possible without the support of our community, the council, and the hard working city staff. It took all of us, working together to get these things done.