Groundbreaking for the Transit Center on Taylor Street

We have many projects that are currently in the works that I will continue to support as Mayor. 

  • Reducing Montpelier’s Carbon Footprint.
    • Net Zero 2030. We recently developed a roadmap for how City operations could become at least 80% net zero using current technology by 2030. There are specific suggestions there that we need to start implementing, like converting the heatings systems at both the City garage and the Water Treatment facility.  
    • Home Energy Information. We recently passed an ordinance that takes effect this July that would require that all home sellers provide standardized energy information about their home, called a Vermont Home Energy Profile. This helps encourage energy improvements and awareness for those both buying and selling a home. The tool to create a Vermont Home Energy Profile can be found here
    • Water Resource Recovery Facility Upgrades. Now that the our Water Resource Recovery Facility is generating significantly more methane, we need to use it to continue to drive down our carbon emissions. One options is to use the heat from the methane to dry the biosolids, which will reduce the carbon associated with trucking waste to a landfill. 
  • Expanding Childcare. This means extending our current childcare hours to match a typical work day, AND it means establishing childcare service for infants and children up to 5 years old. I’m not just saying this because I’m pregnant, We have known for years that the need for childcare in Central Vermont is not being met. COVID has only exacerbated this need, and the burden for childcare disproportionately falls on women. Getting our local economy fully functioning again means providing the necessary services for women to get back into the workforce. I believe the City has an important role to play in meeting this need, but it will take time and dedication on the part of our leaders and staff. 
  • Implementing Equity Recommendations. Within the last year or so we had some excellent work done by city volunteers and contracted partners to help us take a hard look in the mirror about some of our current practices. This resulted in the Equity report from the Social and Economic Justice Committee and the findings from the Police Review Committee. Both of these documents contain valuable insights and suggestions that will help make our community more equitable. Equity also includes taking a hard look at homelessness in our community and how the City can play a role in meeting the unmet needs of our unsheltered population. 
  • Barre & Main Street Intersection. The City recently completed a study that suggested a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Barre & Main Streets. Anyone who has tried to turn left out of Barre Street onto Main knows that this can be really tricky. A traffic light will improve the intersection both in terms of wait time and safety.  
  • Storm Water Utility. With the likelihood of increased precipitation from climate change and because much of Montpelier has been built on a slope, we need a new way to think about our storm water systems. A tool that is currently used by South Burlington, Burlington, and Colchester, is to create a storm water utility. This would basically mean that those with a lot more impermeable surfaces (i.e. parking lots) would need to pay more toward our stormwater system because they are contributing more to stormwater issues. This money could then be used to improve stormwater systems around the City, including potentially on private land, with the cooperation of the property owner. We are still in the beginning stages of exploring this important stormwater option.   

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