Groundbreaking for the Transit Center on Taylor Street

We have many projects that are currently in the works that I will continue to support as Mayor. 

  • We will be improving the intersection at Barre Street and Main Street, as well as bicycle and pedestrian accessibility along those streets. You can look for some of those changes starting next summer. 


  • The water resource recovery facility will soon be thermally net zero with the potential for electrical generation as well.


  • We are leading the way in Vermont for innovative approaches to home energy. With the support of the public and the legislature, the City of Montpelier recently started to draft ordinance language that will require that home energy efficiency information be shared with potential home buyers at the time a house is listed for sale. We know from national data that 12-37% of home buyers who purchase homes with energy labels end up making energy improvements to that home that they would otherwise would not have done. When people have better information they make better choices. This ordinance represents consumer protection for homebuyers and it is a great way to encourage energy efficiency improvements without mandating them. Since we started this process, we’ve had some really informative meetings with realtors in crafting aspects of this ordinance. We’re hoping to have that out in a few months.